The Complete BarkBox Review + Get a BarkBox Coupon and Free Dog Gift

My pet has a new best friend - it's BarkBox!

While sharing an affectionate relationship with my boxer pitt mix dog, BarkBox has never missed a chance to make my pet feel like the most loved dog on the whole planet! 

We all have a priority list, and securing a happy life for our loved ones is on top of that. Sadly, our pets are overlooked at times, and we miss out on giving them enjoyment in their lives too.

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I remember the sadness that encircled me when I didn't get a new toy as a kid. I felt the same way for my sweet pup. So I planned to get him his favorite toys more frequently. While searching for dog toys I discovered BarkBox!

BarkBox is a super fantastic subscription service that delivers more love and more fun to your dog every month!  

I was pretty amazed when I got the first shipment from BarkBox. It had super fun toys, which my dog found very interesting PLUS it included a couple bags full of treats. What grabbed my attention was the theme on which the BarkBox team crafted every single product in the box. 

The day when I subscribed to BarkBox was the day I chose an infinite supply of happiness for my dog!

BarkBox even lets you celebrate your pet's birthday with beautifully crafted themed toys and delicious treats, carefully designed for unlimited fun for your dog.    

You must be wondering how BarkBox is succeeding in building a strong bond with our innocent paw friends.  

BarkBox's goal is to build a happy world for dogs in a creative manner. BarkBox works effortlessly to innovate different themes for every month that are entirely out of the box.  

With all these exciting themes, BarkBox aims to end dogs' boredom by giving them treats with taste and toys that last. Setting some extreme standards for complete care of dogs, BarkBox never disappoints in delivering the best quality, uniquely crafted products to their subscription pack members.  

Read this BarkBox statement to help yourself make a wise decision for your dog:
"All the fun toys that BarkBox delivers are made with 100% concern given to the dog's health and thus are only made of high-quality materials. The uniquely themed treats are also made with premium quality ingredients to ensure zero adversities to dogs. BarkBox also promises to deliver special treats to allergic dogs and offers a wide range of other hygienic products for dogs."   

What is BarkBox?

BarkBox has become a legendary subscription service that delivers an awesomely curated pack of toys and treats to your beloved pets every month.

And BarkBox has its style of doing it.  

Each month, BarkBox celebrates the presence of these innocent beings in our lives by rolling out unique themes. All contents inside BarkBox are purely wrapped in the essence of their uniquely designed theme, with zero compromises being made with the quality of the products. 

A quick subscription to BarkBox can reduce the hassle of going to the local pet store in a minute. Then why not subscribe to it now?

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How Does BarkBox Work?

BarkBox has come up with multiple subscription plans to offer easy and affordable products to its customers.

BarkBox functions in a very smooth manner to provide a world-class experience to its customers.

Follow an easy signup process to create your account and pick the subscription plan of your choice. BarkBox offers three months, six months, and 12-month subscription plans.

The moment you place your order request, BarkBox takes an immediate call on your request and delivers your shipment within four days with zero shipping charges in the 48 contiguous states.

Your subscription gets renewed on the 3rd of every month, and your monthly BarkBox reaches you on the 15th.

The day you choose BarkBox, you choose an enormous amount of happiness for your dog at the most attractive prices.

Contents of BarkBox

When I ordered the fun-loaded BarkBox for the first time, my doggo and I were unaware of what we would be getting. It was a total surprise for both of us until I got the mystery box delivered.  

What every BarkBox contains:
-All-Natural Healthy Bags of Yummy Dog Treats
-Innovatively Themed Super Fun Dog Toys
-A Dog Chew 

Well, the products were totally beyond my expectations. My dog enjoyed the treats and went on supercharged to play with its new toys.It was the second time I got the BarkBox when I witnessed the true nature of the level of themes BarkBox is loved for. 

The first BarkBox, which I ordered, was based on the theme - Chewrassic Bark. It is interesting to mention what came in the New York-themed BarkBox.The New York-themed BarkBox was a wholesome pack of entertaining toys and delicious dog treats. It contained the following products
-A 12-inch long deer chew
-Bacon Cheddar Flavor Sojos Treats
-Plato Pet Treats Hundur's Crunch Fish Treats
-Pretzel tug toy
-A ball toy that looked similar to Lady Liberty with a squeaker inside 

Honestly, I wouldn't have found such an exciting set of toys in my neighborhood pet shop. Thanks to BarkBox!

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Adding More Products to BarkBox

Want to multiply the fun for your dog? BarkBox has a variety of goodies that you can add to your regular subscription. Adding more to the BarkBox means enhancing the playing time of your dog and promises more fun. 

The products available to be included as an add-on in your box vary according to your subscription. You can explore all the options through your dashboard.BarkBox curates a crazy collection of products every month to maintain its pack members' level of joy and excitement. BarkBox commits to turning your pet's ordinary life into an exciting place. The products in these options are primarily seasonal items and include monthly staples with a recurring discount.

Offering the privilege of experiencing a double amount of joy to its pack members, BarkBox provides an option to get a double joy box for a month. You can opt in to enjoy a double amount of joy every month.

Steps to Add More to Your BarkBox

BarkBox paves an easy path to add more products to your box with a highly simplified user interface.

-Click on "Add to Box" for the items you want for your dog in the upcoming shipment. These items automatically get confirmed and need no extra validation.
-Also, if you want to add a particular product to your box every month, choose the recurring add-on option while placing your order.
-You can find the added products in your cart.
-If you wish to make modifications to your add-on order, you can do that before you are billed, i.e., until the end of the month.
-You will be charged for all the add-on items you have reserved, and the next shipment from BarkBox will have it all.

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Quality of BarkBox Products

Each product in the BarkBox comes packed in exquisite packaging. And after these many months, I guess my little doggo recognizes the aroma of BarkBox's delicious dog treats. My pup keeps a keen eye on the calendar and waits impatiently to get his new toys and bags of tasty treats. 

There are innumerable things to love about BarkBox. But one thing that got me up in surprise is the quality of ingredients used to make the dog treats. They are super healthy for dogs and come blended in different flavors.  

Within a few months, I felt the need to upgrade my subscription to a bigger pack to settle the tasty crazy demands of my dog. 

All the goodies in the BarkBox pack are sourced from highly trusted vendors only.  

To be mentioned here, BarkBox commits that their concerned team approves all the contents of the box by using the products on their pets first. Who claims that kind of commitment?

What is so Interesting About the BarkBox Themes?

The themes designed by BarkBox are primarily designed for the ongoing season or upcoming holidays.  

BarkBox never disappoints to surprise you with every shipment they deliver to you. Some of the previous themes were:
-New York City 
Dogs took the city ride with this incredibly unique theme. This BarkBox gave all the dogs a metro taste and was entirely mesmerizing for all dogs. It contained at least two treats and one tasty chew and brought all the dogs close to a city ride.   

-Throwbark Thursday 
This theme was meant to make endless memories of you and your dog. It was a well proportionate mix of taste and talks and was meant to hand you a bagful of memories with your dog.This unique Thursday theme was an excellent collection of fun toys and delicious treats. The theme surrounded every dog lover with the best memories of their dog's life. 

-The Dog Daze 
The Dog Daze was a pure summer delight for your dog. The dog daze was a power-packed BarkBox with toys and stuff. It made every dog's summer a memorable one with entertaining toys and treats. A complete beat the heat kind stuff for dogs. 

-Hairy Metal 
It was a super hit theme BarkBox for dogs and their owners to rock with. All the hairy metal fans went crazy after getting this BarkBox inspired by superstars. The hairy metal-themed BarkBox was successful in inducing the rock waves in everyone.  

-Sniffin' Safari 
Taking your dog to the wild side, BarkBox came up with this safari theme to entertain your dogs with Wildside-themed chewers, treats, and toys. Nobody would want to miss this BarkBox, even if it comes for the tenth time. Sniffin' Safari BarkBox would immediately turn your living space into a jungle fun area for your dog.  

-Bento & Blossoms 
This BarkBox theme was designed to celebrate the happiness and joy of being together with your dog in a lovable Japanese way. Themed after hanami bento, a celebration in Japan, this BarkBox is dedicated to celebrating the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Japanese style. This theme included dog toys and treats designed to give your dogs their hanami bento.  

-The good, The bad, and The Pugly 
Loaded with toys and treats designed in the wild west way, this theme took every dog on an adventurous ride to the west. Even the city pets got to experience a wild, bumpy moment with this BarkBox.  
-I.M. Slobbering's Candy Shoppe 
It was a sweet treat to all the dogs that crave delicious yummy treats. This BarkBox contained a unique taste of treats for dogs and candy-themed exciting toys. This BarkBox holds the badge of the sweetest BarkBox.  

-The Knights of the Houndtable 
This theme can be crowned as the most iconically themed BarkBox. It was well crafted for the dogs to give them a ride through the age of King Arfur as the toys highly resembled some legendary retro stuff.    

-Shakespeare in the Dogpark 
This theme staged all the love, fun, and comedy for Dogs in one single BarkBox. It had toys that could stretch the playtime of dogs and treats that kept them high on excitement all the time.   

-Secrets of the rainfurrest 
It was a fantastic way to give dogs an exciting drive through the jungle, fun with lots of delicious treats. Exploring the secrets of the Rainfurrest, this BarkBox switched regular dog life with an interesting and crazy one with unbelievable fun and exciting toys and tasty treats.  

-Chewrassic Bark 
This BarkBox was a ticket to the dinosaur age for dogs as the toys and treats were brilliantly crafted to depict the time when dinosaurs used to exist. Each one looked very real, and it suddenly became a whole new world for the dogs.    

-Sniffs from the Abyss 
BarkBox took the dogs to a deeper dive with Sniffs from the Abyss theme and brought the treasure of treats and toys for dogs. It was a sea-inspired treat and offered a perfect blend of deep-sea adventures and exotic tastes for dogs. Loaded with a lot of excitement and curious stuff, this BarkBox was a treat to fulfill a dog's desire. 

Packed with unlimited fun and premium quality yummylicious treats, this was more of a human-like offering to our beloved dogs—a perfect party box for dogs to create endless memories filled with tastes and talks. 

-The Muttcracker 
It was a Christmas-themed BarkBox for holidays that unleashed the magical winter days.It filled the days with the warmth of delicious treats and super exciting toys. Snowbound Hounds Snowbound Hounds was the theme that had enough taste of delicious treats and toys to make every dog's winter a happy and memorable one.

Different Types + Sizes of BarkBoxes

BarkBox has made it easy for you to pick the best for your furry friend.

It has categorized different sizes of boxes based on the weight of your dog:
under 20 pounds - small
20 to 49 pounds - medium
50 or more pounds - large

BarkBox Subscription Plans

I have seen many people who wish to keep dogs or have one but suffer to keep up the excitement bar of their pets to full. 

BarkBox has made it possible for me to find some space to work at my home. It has given my pet the craziest toys he can ever dream about.     

Now all he knows is howto chew down the cute-shaped super chewer toys.

BarkBox helped me save the fun life of my dog from my busy schedule.

BarkBox offers three different subscription plans:
-12 Month BarkBox Plan $21/month
-6 Month BarkBox Plan $25/month
-3 Month BarkBox Plan $29/month

It is always better to opt-in for the annual subscription plan to get the best deal on BarkBox.  

Any plan you choose to subscribe to renews automatically. Thus, it is better to place a reminder to save yourself from continuing the plan against your wish. BarkBox offers free shipping on every plan. Only people apart from the 48 contiguous states have to pay $5 as a delivery charge. 

As an added privilege, BarkBox has kept all its plans very much flexible. You can end your subscription anytime before the renewal date, i.e., the 3rd of every month. 

Also, you have an option to add one more fun toy for your pet each month with an extra $9. 

To enjoy a discount on an annual subscription, you need to pay an upfront amount of $228.
No discount will be awarded to you if you choose a six or 12-monthplan but exit before the set period.

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BarkBox Coupon Codes + BarkBox Promo

BarkBox loves to entertain its customers with special BarkBox promo codes and other exciting offers frequently. 

You can always find amazing offers and special BarkBox discount codes on Groupon.  

BarkBox coupon codes and promo codes are also available on all the major online retailers. 

Apart from the regular BarkBox discount codes and promos, you can also secure some free goodies from BarkBox through their referral program (CLICK OUR BUTTON BELOW).  

Do you know someone who has a dog? Share the link: with them to get gifts from BarkBox!

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Is BarkBox Worth The Cost?

After being a regular subscriber of BarkBox for more than six months now, I think it is the only and the best place to find the most innovative toys and incredibly delicious treats for your pets. 

Besides the default BarkBoxes, I have also ordered some other grooming and hygiene products from the Barkshop which I found worth it. 

To those who wish to wear the honest dog lover cap, Barkshop is your place to find a wide range of products to treat your dog with loads of love. 

Dog owners deserve Barkshop and dogs deserve Bark boxes.

What if My Dog Has Allergies?

BarkBox cares for your innocent furry friends. And following that, BarkBox offers carefully designed special treats that contain only wheat and corn and no soy. 

BarkBox supplies special hypoallergenic dog treats and goodies to dogs allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey. Just put a special request while ordering BarkBox. 

No dog misses out on the fun with BarkBox.

BarkBox for Cats?

Although the name BarkBox seems associated with dog keepers, BarkBox never looks down on cat lovers. 

If you wish to get a customized BarkBox for your cat, you can order the same on BarkBox. 

Check out the Barkshop to explore more excellent products for your pets.

BarkBox Order + BarkBox Shipping

Placing an order for BarkBox gives you a slight glimpse of the extreme level of quality service they offer. 

Immediately after placing the order, you start getting regular updates on your shipment through emails.  

I got the shipment of joy delivered within four days of placing the order with no extra shipping charges.
(Ordering out of the 48 contiguous states would fetch you an extra shipping cost of $5.)

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BarkBox Reviews From Actual Customers

Read actual BarkBox customer reviews on Trustpilot:

As I was writing this review about BarkBox, I found many interesting BarkBox reviews from customers and was excited to share a few with dog lovers. 

This review was the first one I found, and it sounds fantastic how this customer liked the BarkBox super chewer:
"We first saw Barkbox on Facebook. We decided to give it a try. Our first box arrived with a free gift. Our super chewer is a Belgian Malinois his name is Jasper. Jasper like a lot of dog of this breed is high strung and has a lot of anxiety. The toys that arrived he loves, Jasper was so excited when I opened the box and he saw it was for him. He chews and carries his toys around the house, he will even brings the Brawney Bugs Bunny to bed at night.The Space Jam basket ball is his favorite. I highly recommend Bark super chewers to all dog owners."   

In this BarkBox review,the customer mentioned an excellent fun time after adding extra toys to the box:  
"Been a Bark Box subscriber nearly the entire time I've had my boy. The toys are a bit weak against his destructive behavior (ALL toys, are so don't judge Bark Box badly on that. He even destroys the "lifetime warranty" and"indestructible" toys) but he doesn't like rubber toys and we don't like them either (he tends to drop them on our head or throw them at us when we aren't paying adequate attention to his highness). But the themes are amazing,the box options is awesome too. We get the toy only box with 1 extra toy and we ALWAYS do add on's because we found that if we overload the pupper with toys he destroys them at a slower rate (lol, oh he OWNS us doesn't he?!?!?!) but I am always sad when a toy meets the "toy grave yard" because they are fun and cleverly designed toys that were fun to play with while they lasted."

I enjoyed reading this lovely BarkBox review about how this customer enjoyed the BarkBox:
 "We just recently started with bark box. So far everything has been wonderful. Our Cruize has loved everything he has received so far! The treats are perfect and the toys are soo cute plus he really enjoys them! For this price your can't go wrong.It's a nice priced surprise for your pup every month. We had one issue where we didn't receive our box, the customer service department was wonderful and immediately shipped out a replacement box to make it right. We definitely recommend bark box!!!"

This customer speaks about how wonderful experience he had with BarkBox in this BarkBox review:
"This was my first time doing any online subscription for my dog and to be honest I was hesitant.With that said I couldn't be happier with my experience with BarkBox and BarkEats. The communication is hands down the best I've ever seen. Honest,real, and understanding. If you run into any issues they are quick to rectify the issue same day if not within an hour or so. I ran into a financial roadblock that put my subscription at risk. My thoughts were "ok, here we go. This is where they take my money like all other subscriptions." NOPE,it was the exact opposite. They worked with me to ensure I wasn't billed and gave me the opportunity to pick up where I left off on a later date. All within a few minutes this was done! That says a lot about a company, I felt like they understood my situation and worked with me. That's customer loyalty and why I will continue to use them and advise family/friends the same."             

 Another customer shared this BarkBox review about how nicely BarkBox offered to replace the products:
"Nothing is perfect BUT the customer service at BARK is amazing! They have always gone above and beyond to make my pup and me satisfied! If I ever have a problem with a toy they have offered to replace it. Any issue I've ever had they have made it right! We all expect perfection this day in age but that is not reality. What maters is how issues are handled and corrected! I highly regard customer service and BARK does it right!"

One of the customers shared their BarkBox review, and it speaks everything about the quality of customer service BarkBox offers:
"My pups get so excited when they see a box on the doorstep, because they think it is the BarkBox,and they LOVE their BarkBox. The treats are always a big hit, and they love the toys. The quality for the price is well worth it! I also can't say enough about their customer service, really top notch. They check EVERY month as to whether we enjoyed our box, and if we didn't, they ask detailed questions to understand why, and then always replace the toys that were not a big hit. Probably the best customer service experience I have ever had with a product, and they are consistent every single time. Well worth the monthly price!!" 

The list of such reviews is long enough to settle your thoughts about the quality of products offered by BarkBox.  But I still want to add this one last BarkBox review that indicates the emotions of the customer's excitement:
"LOVE BARKBOX!!! I have been getting bark boxes for a few months now and my puppy has loved them. Every month she has a new favorite toy. She even picks BarkBox toys from her toy box instead of the others. Somehow she even knows that the package is for her and gets so excited. The treats are wonderful and the customer service is THE BEST. When I had an issue with a type of treat they sent a replacement and said they would stop sending us those. please sign up. WE LOVEEEE IT"

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What Do I Love the Most About BarkBox?

-100% FUN
Subscribing to BarkBox means you skip all the boring visits to the local pet care shop and turn every moment into fun for your pets. 

-Best Customer Support
Whenever I have any concerns regarding my pup's health or the quality of the products, I contact the customer support team of BarkBox, and all my queries get answered in one go. 

-Wide Variety of Products
Barkshop offers a whole wide range of products for my dog, and all the products match right to the excitement of my doggo.  

-Low Cost + High-quality Products
Barkshop offers premium quality products from approved vendors at the best price.  

-Super Fast Delivery
BarkBox never puts your dog's fun on hold. The shipment usually gets delivered in just four days of placing the order.  

-Easy Replace Options
BarkBox replaces all the items if my dog doesn't like them. Amazing.  

-BarkBox Super Chewer 
BarkBox is one of Bark'stop-tier products and has served more than 2,000,000 dogs so far. Another top-performing product of Bark is the Bark super chewer. If your dog loves tochew more and is a super chewer, then this is the most suitable product. The Bark super chewer saves you a lot of time and money by putting an end to buying chewers for your dogs again and again. Bark super chewers are highly durable and made with natural rubber and long-lasting nylon. It is a plush-free toy and free from any kind of stuffing and rope. The Bark super chewers are the best pick if yourdog is an active chewer and always stays determined to its task. The textured design of this beautiful toy even stimulates your dog and enriches his playtimeup to a great extent.

Nothing holds me back from keeping my dog happy!

BarkBox has enabled me to discover infinite ways to keep him entertained all the time. The toys are durable and pose no harm to my dog's health. It is always fun to watch my dog's excitement while it plays with the toys. How my dog enjoys its break with tasty treats from BarkBox always becomes a moment to capture. Every BarkBox contains products that shoot up the bars of the excitement of my dog. It has helped me establish a more lovable bond with him, and my life has become more pleasant than ever. 

A five-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ tail wag from my dog and an excellent rating from my side to BarkBox. 

BarkBox loves dogs and dogs love BarkBox!

BarkBox Facts + BarkBox FAQs

-BarkBox shares 10% of its profits to shelter dogs in more than 3,000 rescues and shelters. It's a remarkable gesture to express their love for the beautiful creatures this way.
-They outsource only premium quality treats from trusted vendors all across the USA, Canada.
-Their most loved chews are from the USA,Canada, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.
-BarkBox makes you fall in love with their products again and again and give you an easy option to reorder the toys and treats your dog likes through the Barkshop website.
-They offer customized boxes and allow you to pick the best for your furry friend. They have different kinds of boxes based on the size of your dog.
-You can add birthday-themed products to celebrate your dog's birthday.
-Their toys are very engaging and exciting for dogs.They offer an endless range of products to fulfill the unique chewing demands of your dogs.
-Their treats contain no soy. All the treats are made of only wheat and corn.
-BarkBox takes care of the allergic conditions of dog sand gives you the privilege to put a special request to get customized products for your dog.
-They also offer accommodations to beef, chicken, and turkey allergic dogs if you contact the customer service of BarkBox.
-They replace every single product if your dog doesn't like them.
-BarkBox provides exciting coupons which are made available through several online retailers.
-You can also choose to send BarkBox as a gift to another pet parent, which is another nice feature of BarkBox.
-The process to order BarkBox products is made very easy with their highly user-friendly interface.

1.         Is it easy to cancel a BarkBox subscription? BarkBox gives you an option to disable the auto-renewal on the account dashboard page, but you would still be receiving the boxes you signed up to get initially. You can't exit the predefined subscription plans of 3, 6, and 9 months before the set period. The Happy Team is always there to answer your queries and make your experience the best one. You can also customize your boxes and add more products to the same through the option given on your dashboard page.

2.         How much does BarkBox cost? The annual subscription to BarkBox gets you the best price. The price you have to pay every month for a12-month subscription is $23. $26/month for a 6-month subscription and$35/month for a monthly subscription.

3.         Does BarkBox offer free shipping? BarkBox charges zero shipping charges within the contiguous 48 United States. Each box contains products worth at least $40 (treats, toys, chews). Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada adds a charge of $8. If you want to buy a more durable Super Chewer, the range falls between $30 to $45/month per box (depending on the period of commitment). Overall, each box is priced at over $45.

4.         What do you get with BarkBox? Each box, often termed the month-long dog party, comes smartly packed with two bags of treats made in the United States or Canada, two exciting dog toys, and a super tasty dog chew.The boxes are uniquely curated based on each month's different and innovative theme.

5.         What size BarkBox should I order for my dog? BarkBox offers three different sizes. The subscriber can pick any of them based on the weight of your dog. All the boxes are priced the same irrespective of their size. Small is for dogs under 20 lbs, medium for dogs weighing between 20-49 lbs, and large is for dogs over 50 lbs. Super chew is best if your dog is extra strong and has a habit of hard chewing.

6.         Expected delivery time of BarkBox?Usually, the estimated delivery time is within four days in the United States (and 8 to 12 business days in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii). Monthly subscription boxes are shipped in the initial two weeks of every month. 

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